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Small Holiday Gift Pack
Small Holiday Gift Pack

Small Holiday Gift Pack

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70 Below Holiday Gift Pack
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Our Holiday Gift Packs are the perfect option for that hard to shop person, or just a fun, unique gift for any loved one!

If ordered via mail shipment, you will receive everything you need in your shipment! you simply place product in the provided gift bag, top off with provided tissue paper and ribbon! and you gift is ready to go!

70 Below Treats introduces it's small holiday gift pack. Our gift packs are a perfect way to enjoy crispy, flavour packed snacks that are always a crowd pleaser! You can't go wrong with space food!


Gift packages contain your custom selection of the following:

-1 Freeze Dried Fruit Option (Sour Cherries, Strawberry Banana, Banana Chips, Apple Slices, Candied Apple Slices or Spiced Apples)

-1 Freeze Dried Candy Option (Regular Skittles, Sour Skittles or Berry Skittles, Space Ranchers, Taffy, Space Clusters, Peach Rings, Space worms)

-1 Freeze Dried Dessert Option (Vanilla Cheesecake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches, Strawberry Sorbet)

-1 bag of Freeze Dried Milk Duds(exclusive to holiday gift packs)

-1 Oreo Caramel Cow Tale(exclusive to holiday gift packs)

For product and inventory information, please use the navigation menu at the top of the our page and locate the item you wish more information about. 



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