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What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is the process of putting food into a deep freeze at -40F or colder. Once the food is frozen,  the machine then turns on heaters (slightly heating the food) and a vacuum pump, creating a powerful vacuum seal. This extracts all moisture, during this process the machine remains in a deep freeze instantaneously turning the moisture into a gas, maintaining the structure of the food and keeping the nutritional value.  Freeze dried food is processed between 24 - 50 hours, it is then sealed in oxygen, moisture proof bags, along with an oxygen absorber. You are now left with a product that if stored properly can last up to 25 years. 

Isn’t freeze drying the same as dehydrating?

No they are very different. Dehydrating food involves heat, dry air and air movement. A dehydrator uses heat to warm the food causing moisture to be released from it’s interior. There is a fan that blows the warm, moist air out of the appliance via air vents. The result s a withered and harder product. On the contrary, the final product of freeze drying is airy, light and crispy. The dehydrating process only removes 80-90% moisture, whereas freeze drying removes 100% moisture.

About Chef Courtney Stanley:

Courtney graduated from Niagara college in 2012 completing a Culinary apprenticeship program, training under the chefs of award wining Peller Estate Winery. It was there where she fell in love with fresh “farm to table” food. Courtney’s goal is to provide fresh local ingredients, this is why we only use Ontario sourced produce. As a mom she knows how difficult it can be to get your kids to eat healthy, this is what sparked her inspiration for freeze dried snacks. The change in texture can really trick them! Her passion for cooking fresh, homemade meals is what led her to home preservation. Her enthusiasm for home preservation led her to “Space Food” aka freeze dried food. As freeze dried food can have a shelf life of 25 years. The research began and followed by research was the journey of 70 Below Treats. Courtney welcomes you to follow her on her new journey at 70 Below Treats and thanks everyone for their support.

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